More Questions than Answers

I honestly thought that I’d be putting up a post earlier than this given the circumstances of my awesome end of the year vacation and the desire to want to share it as fast as possible. Only, my vacation never happened. I didn’t go to Greece or Switzerland over winter break and although I’ve made my peace with fate and her impressive, yet horribly timed curve balls, I wasn’t in any hurry to rehash the exact reasons why my plans didn’t work out.


The airport the day I was to fly out – All flights canceled due to fog

As if to set a precedent for the entire year, nothing really seems to be going according to plan. I was supposed to ring in the new year with a friend – one I haven’t seen in years – and her family in Zurich and return to Kosovo on the 1st, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I rang in the new year the same way I did last year, in the biting cold of my room only venturing to go out at the promise of food and fireworks. I didn’t let that deter me, however, and set about continuing to plan my future. Next up was registering to take the foreign service exams in February. A friend and I had decided to take it together, however, once she returned from break and we got to planning our exam trip (the nearest testing center is in a neighboring country) it was too late…for me. Somewhere during the application process, I lost electricity. When it finally returned, she informed me that she’d managed to nab the last available testing time slot….for this entire cycle.

With no mental break from my 24/7 volunteer life and no foreign service exam in my immediate future I’ve been wondering to myself what in the world 2016 has in store for me. Everything about this year is a mystery, including when I finish service and what I plan on doing when I’m done. Ironically enough, what I decide to do post-Peace Corps has a lot to do with when I COS. I’d never even entertained the idea of COS earlier than August 19th, but I may have the often to try for Switzerland again in the summer. The only time my friend is free, however, is toward the end of July, meaning I’d have to leave early to go or extend three months so the three month travel ban wouldn’t affect my summer. Since I don’t really see the latter chose happening, I might, in fact, be leaving a month earlier than I planned. Like I said before, I don’t really know what I’ll do with myself when I get back, but I’m keeping my options open for sure.