Kosovo First Impressions

The view as we're riding from Prishtina to Gjilan

The view as we’re riding from Prishtina to Gjilan

I think it’s important to reflect over the moments just after you’ve experienced something novel, especially so that you can look back over it sometime down the line to see how your opinions and perspectives have changed. I came into Kosovo having no expectations of what to expect – it was kind of hard trying to form any opinion – because we’d be the first volunteers to ever work in Kosovo. Not even 24 hours in country and I’ve already managed to discover so much beauty and hospitality in Kosovo. From the VIP welcome we received at the airport to the warm offer from Kosovo Albanians to pull up a chair and have a drink with them in celebration of the elections that just took place today, I’m just blown away over and over again.

The food is great, the scenery amazing, and the people just as nice as they can be. I’m really eager to see what the next 27 months is like living here. Even as I write this post there are still tons of people celebrating on the streets. Everything that happens in this country is history in the making and I have the great pleasure to be right in the middle of it all. It may not seem possible, but I’m already attached to this place. I can’t wait to start learning Albanian so that I can interact with people in a way that I know will show them that I respect their culture and that I’m as happy to be here as they are to have us. When US Ambassador to Kosovo came to meet us at the airport she put it best when she said we were the luckiest Peace Corps Volunteers in the entire world, because Kosovo is an amazing place with very nice people. Even after less than a day I think she was absolutely right!


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