One Week of Healthy Habits Challenge

My vegan diet is officially over. It ended a few days ago and not so surprisingly, I’ve still been eating vegan these last few days. I just love the way I can eat yummy food that’s healthy for me without having to wonder how many calories are in a dish or if I’ve even eaten a fruit or vegetable the entire day. At last weigh in at the end of my diet I’d lost 18 lbs. That’s amazing to me that those 18 lbs came off in six weeks with no exercise, no starving myself, or pill popping. My overall health has improved and my mentality toward food has completely changed. This change in health just from changing my diet lead me to wonder how my disposition and mentality will improve if I develop a couple of other healthy habits on top of this newly established healthy eating habit.

That’s why I’ve decided to challenge myself to one week of healthy habits. The four habits that I’ve decided to adopt for this challenge are as follows:

  • Going to sleep early
  • Waking up early
  • Walking/Running 1-2 miles a day
  • Meditating twice a day

It sounds like a lot, but it’s really not, especially since you can get a lot done when you wake up early in the morning. The goal here isn’t really just to go to sleep and wake up early, it’s to make sure that I’m getting an adequate amount of sleep – at least seven to eight hours. Also, if I wake up early I can eliminate the stress of rushing to get ready for working in the morning or shoving breakfast in my mouth cause I don’t have time to sit down and eat it (it’s not an option for me to skip breakfast-i love it too much).

As for exercising, even though the Eat to Live diet didn’t require any exercise to lose weight, Dr. Fuhrman of course recommended exercise as part of an overall healthy lifestyle. It’s a goal of mine to one day run a half marathon. I don’t think I’m particularly good at it, but I like to run and I like the way I feel after I’ve run. Hopefully, I’ll be able to run in the morning if I wake up early. I’d also like to meditate in the morning and at night. A mind body specialist that I learned a simple meditation technique said that in many case people become energized after meditating so it’s better to do it first thing in the morning after you wake up and a few hours before heading to sleep. A morning routine of meditation, exercise, and a healthy breakfast sounds amazing. I’m really excited to start.



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