Looking Forward to March

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I’m actually surprised at myself for titling this post “looking forward to March”, because – for many reasons – March is going to be a particularly hectic month. For one, two people at work have asked me to covered their shifts for them. This is great in itself – more hours, more money- but I work at a clinic where the shifts are 10 and 11 hours on average. The lengthen of a work day is super daunting when I think about it too hard and I’m covering these shifts days apart from each other. Hope I can handle the added stress.

Another reason I’m looking forward to March is because of the start of Lent. A lot of people use Lent as some sort of spiritual excuse to diet and I guess I’m no different this year, because I’ve decided to give up processed sugars. I’ve been exercising a lot this past month. In late January I purchased a one month unlimited package to Pure Barre and went very near religiously even though the closest location is no where near my house. It made me feel good to exercise so regularly, but I realized that I wasn’t really losing any weight. If anything, I was using exercising as an excuse to eat more, because I could get away with eating a few extra calories a week without gaining any weight (or so I thought). A body truly is a temple. I don’t know what kind of conditions await me during my time in the Peace Corps so I want to work on my health while the elements are still familiar to me. That means more than just losing weight. It means exercising regularly, eating healthy, and learning to properly manage my stress. Weight loss is only a side-effect of putting the health of my body first.

Yet, another thing I’m looking forward to is where this whole minimalist journey takes me. So far I have three surface tops in my room that I’ve managed to declutter and part of me can’t even remember what the areas looked like in the first place. The clean look is amazing and it feels so stress-relieving to purge unnecessary things. I’ve been mainly focusing on my on stuff, but yesterday I received the okay from my mom to purge all the unused blankets from the linen closet that have been collecting over the years. You wouldn’t even believe how excited I got when she gave me the okay. I’ve been hanging out with my friends on the weekend for the past few weeks, but we have no plans this weekend. I was looking for something to do on Saturday. I told my mom about my plans to clean on Sunday and she jokingly said that I should clean the whole house. When I rephrased the sentence using the word ‘purge’ she was less enthusiastic about me touching her stuff. She did, however, express an interest in having a clearer linen closet , which I took both as a cue and permission to clean it for her. It’s amazing the types of things that make us happy. I don’t consider myself a complicated person, yet I never would have imagine that all it’d take to make me happy is a cup of coffee, free time, and the desire the purge unnecessary possessions.

So in the month of March I’ll be working extra hours, paying extra attention my health and spirituality, and also extra attention to preparing for Peace Corps. I have to admit, that before I wasn’t really focused that much on the Peace Corps, because it’s a event that’s so far, or was, so far into the future, that I could put off thinking about it for awhile and focus on more pressing issues. Well now that March has arrived, preparing for the Peace Corps has become a pressing issue. All of my medical exams have to be in by early April. I have to finish filling out the new volunteer paperwork and I have to start getting my legal affairs in order, which is really just one: student loans. It’s going to be a busy month, but I can do this. No other choice really, but to keep moving forward.


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